Gathered in the way back!

Great time of year to find fish with a fly rod or small lures! Alot of these fish retreat to the deep back country holes and creeks this time of the year, mostly due to water temperature. These fish will be bunched up and feeding on either sides of these “holes” depending on the tide direction. Its not unlikely to catch 20-30 small to medium snook on the fly in these spots! also tailing reds on the open flats have been good when not pressured by boat traffic, these fish are a lot of fun. As always we like to get out of the boat and walk after these happy fish on foot when the temperature is nice! We even hooked a 100+ lb Tarpon last week on very light tackle while fishing for trout on a drop off edge!!! these trout can be a lot of fun on twitch baits along with clouser minnows, you can expect to catch some good numbers this time of year!

Look forward to some great fishing after the new year!



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