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Fishing Report November 9, 2014

Fish the Changing Seasons…. Fish them hard!!
We are so fortunate to fish in such a diverse fishery with things changing every few months, so fish what is good right? We are into tailing redfish season and this cold front that blew through recently should solidify it; tailing Redfish and lots of shots at them. One of the best sporting events in our fishery if you ask me. You have to put the fly right in a space the size of a softball and hopes he sees it, and eats it! There are some different tactics that I find that work well; a popper or slider with a rattle to get their attention or waiting until the second they drop their tail and get it in front of them before they move!! It is incredible to see a fish foraging for food in his own environment not knowing you are there, hunting him.
Big trout are coming on the grass flats to eat clouser minnows and other baitfish imitations. The colder the water gets the bigger they get! They can be very plentiful this time of year and a whole lot of fun when the rod keeps bending over and over again!
And last but not least these big monster snook are moving into the shallow creeks and rivers for some warmth. They can be had on a good popper or gurgler up against the mangrove or sight casted in shallow water. Wade fishing for these monsters can be challenging and a lot of fun. Hoping someday people stop chasing these fish for dinner and realize what a special sport fish we have here in South Florida!
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Nice snook release.
Nice snook release.
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