Countless Trout

Was fishing with a client the other day and could not find the tailing redfish that we were looking for while poling a flat with the fly rod, so we came onto an edge that holds good numbers of trout and tied on a clouser minnow. We had alot of fun catching countless spotted sea trout from the 14-25 inch range.  I myself do not give these fish enough credit, when the redfish and snook are not cooperating the trout are always there for us 🙂 along with ladyfish and jacks these deep dropoffs can be alot of fun on a fly and with twitch baits! Ive always taken my first time saltwater fly fisherman to these holes and cannot get much better on the water practice when the rod is bent over. I myself will go catch some trout on the fly when nothing else is happening, so here’s  to the trout and people that want to get into saltwater fly casting! Come on down were the weather is nice and the trout are always biting!

trout on fly hunter trout    IMG_2838

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