Clean water Cool Temperatures

November is upon us and with the fall comes cooler water temperatures and beautiful sunny days. The water is getting cleaned up for some incredible sight casting in November! This is the time of year to fool a big snook on his way back to the rivers and creeks for his wintertime resting spot. I always feel like these big snook are similar to bears and are going to eat as much as they can on their way to the winter time resting spots. Redfish are in good numbers and we can find them tailing on low to incoming waters or on the edges of high tide. Quality trout are on the grass flats and can be fooled with a clouser minnow. We are now outfitted with Bote paddle boards and are offering paddle board fishing trips for any experience SUP’er! This is the way to fish the wintertime flats, stealth and raised above the water gives you a big advantage over the classic poling skiff. We are outfitted with custom east cape paddle board racks for our Vantage skiffs and will be happy to take you on the paddle board adventure of a lifetime!
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