Bad Ass Glass for the Fall

Fishing is on fire right now! Lots of great fishing being caught in Boca Grande and Everglades areas by our clients. Such a great time of year when the morning temperatures help cool the water.
The Pelagic blitz’s are happening on outgoing tides nearshore down the Gulf Coast with Bonito, Jack Crevlle and Mackerel! These fish smash anything that is 2-3 inches and white, the mackresl you will need a bite tippet or a long shanked hook. They will also eat a variety of fast moving twitch baits. The retrieve is the most important with two hand stripping of the fly works best and to keep it moving till it’s a goner!
Snook of all sizes have moved back into some of our favorite back country areas and a white colored fly stripped close to the edges usually does the trick. Top water plugs early and late in the day on strong tides will produce some trophies on big points and bars.
Redfish have began to school in Boca Grande and south! These fish come off the ocean looking for food and to spawn. Low in coming water is what I like to look for schools at. Once they are spotted I will pole to them and sometimes even stalk them on foot when needed. You can catch several fish from the school as well as doubles!
We just started carrying some new fiberglass rods to test out and love fighting all these fish on them, it presents itself with the challenge to fight them on a totally flexed rod with the butt of the rod. Echos Bad Ass Glass is what we are carrying on the boat and so much fun to cast and use. Here is a link to the new rods, a great price point and always fun to try something new!
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