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My passion for fishing started as it has for many of us, fishing with my Dad. Growing up in the state of Georgia, I began fishing on my own at sixteen throughout the rivers and streams in north Georgia. The Chattooga and the famous Soque river were my introductions to the beginnings of my lifelong passion for Fly Fishing. I can remember seeing a gentleman standing in the river with fog rising all around him from the stream. I was fascinated watching him cast his bamboo rod and float dries to entice the large Rainbows – – Skip was the one that was Hooked.

This love of the hunt and the incredible thrill and adventure of fly fishing has taken me halfway around the world. From the Eastern rivers and streams, throughout the west to Montana, California, Arizona, Nevada, and the Florida Keys, to the warm and blue waters of Baja in Mexico. Alaska’s bounty and the Caribbean’s Emerald waters and the island of Boca Grande continued to beckon me.

Having completed school and my formal education in Georgia. I entered the workplace and took a position out West as a sales and marketing Representative. This is where I met my wife Tara, We have shared 32 years of adventure and challenge. The 1980s brought us to Reno, Nevada.


While raising two boys and pursuing a Commercial and Residential Real Estate career, Fly Fishing remained a large part of my life. I was fortunate to enjoy many fly fishing trips and notable destinations while gaining knowledge and experience. Fly Fishing the diversified waters in the Western hemisphere over the years has developed a love and attraction to the waters of South Florida.

Making the decision to relocate to the Boca Grande area and pursue my passion for these fish allow me to be on the water as many days as I can with a new Sight fishing adventure each day. Developing a unique understanding of Fly Fishing that comes from being a client for many years on the front of the boat to being a full-time guide on the other end of the boat.



I understand what it takes to make your charter an enjoyable and unparalleled Fly Fishing experience. My approach is both fun and enthusiastic, making your trip as pleasurable as can be. Captain Skip has set himself apart in everything he has taken on, from being an NSCA state shooting champion and selected to Gun World magazines All America team to being elected to Century 21s Honor society and winning an NRA national Championship. Skip will approach your charter with a professional and personal touch. Come experience the difference come spend some time on the water in Paradise with Boca Grande Fly Fishing Charters.

Let Captain Skip make the trip one you can remember for the rest of your life.

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