Tarpon Times ;)

Late April and it feels as if it were middle of May! Tarpon are in full swing on the inside and the outside. The weather has been great and fish have been very cooperative early in the mornings in the back country. We have been catching them on Flies as well as Plugs. The wind shut us down in the open water today so we went to some of the deep mangrove creek systems and did very well on some 10-20#ers on the fly. It is a great time of year for the juvenile Tarpon on fly when the Big Boys don’t want to play ball or the weather does not agree.  May will only get better with the weather stabilizing out and more fish arriving! We will be moving towards sight casting the beach side as more fish come down and look to spawn.

I still have a few days in May and June available, so please book early as well as some productive Moon tides in July!

sweet jump on sandflypineland poon

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