Boca Grande Fishing Guide

Everglades Fishing Guide.
Late summer and fall is a special time and place for Everglades fly fishing guides. Most of the big fish are on the outside of the ten-thousand islands and everglades river mouths. This is a great time to fish early mornings and late afternoons for rolling and tailing fish. I love this time of year as the water is a bit stained and fish readily take poppers and top-water plugs. Top water plug fishing is usually doe with a casting ‘bait-casting’ rod and reel. This type of equipment not only allows you to throw longer distances with larger plugs with more accuracy but helps you keep your plug walking on the water for much more time throughout the day as you are not reeling up and opening and closing the bail as on a spinning reel. I enjoy showing my fly-fishing clients the art and skill of effectively throwing and working a bait-casting rod and reel. Top-water action in the stained water of the Everglades is second to none. Large snook, tarpon and redfish readily take top-water plugs with aggressive explosions on the surface. I love the fall fishing as most recreational anglers have not came down to Southwest Florida from their summers homes yet so most of these fish haven’t seen much if any pressure for 4-6 months. I look forward to hearing from you and please don’t hesitate to call with any questions regarding injuries for a Everglades Fly Fishing Guide.

Summertime Fun

The summertime is a great time for fly fishing the Everglades and Naples area! Plug fishing with top-waters and twitch baits is Very stable early in the morning with top water and with twitch baits when the sun gets up during the day. I love to show clients how to throw traditional “plug gear” on my skiff with Calcutta baitcasting reels. Conventional plug gear is the most accurate way to throw big plugs tight into the mangrove shoreline and consistently keep it there, it spends much less energy than spinning gear throughout the day. We are getting lots of juvinelle tarpon moved into the area taking smaller flies and gurglers off the surface. The giant snook are coming from top water plugs early in the day. If your interested in a late summer or fall trip please shoot me an email and I will get you some details. Thanks!

Fresh water


Post storm fish have been on fire! Everglades and Naples fly fishing has been productive for mid-sized tarpon, big snook and redfish. With the tannic water these fish will be on the top and ready to eat. Its a great time to fish The Everglades when everyone is dealing with wind, rain and other boats! None of those bother us in the protection of the tall mangrove trees there is always somewhere to hide. Adult Tarpon fishing was good prior to the front and should stabilize after the water settles and clears. I just love the time after the rains as it seems like the place is flushing out and as good as it gets. Come inquire about a fly fishing guide in the everglades and ten-thousand islands.

I teach about the estuary and encourage first time fly fisherman and plug fisherman alike. I am passionate about both kinds of angling here in the everglades and ten-thousand islands. I am located south of naples so can always meet up for some fly-casting lessons or refer you to one of my master casting instructors in the area. I look forward to your next fishing adventure in the beautiful Everglades!

Big fish, no boats

Tarpon season has been on fire in the glades, lots of laid up fish along with big snook swimming the outside. Its a great time of year to come fly fish the everglades and plug fishing with remain second to none through the fall. Lots of fisherman have went to the keys and north of us so we have the glades all to ourselves. I just love this time of year, it really is having the park to ourselves and fish that are un pressured. We caught countless big snook, redfish and laid up tarpon on the same edge for hours with fly and plug all week. They are ready to eat and what an amazing experience for someone hiring their first everglades fly fishing guide!

I will be filling up my fall calendar in the next month so please book ahead for the southern migration early! I look forward to fishing with a new and returning clients alike


Everglades Tarpon fishing

Snook Fishing

Tarpon get all the credit and crowds as they should they grow to be giants that swim in shallow water and eat tiny flies. Anyone who has fished in Southwest Florida for years knows a big snook is the real trophy. I always tell most of my friends and clients that I would rather land a 40inch snook instead of a 150lb tarpon on the fly, the simple reason is it is harder to do day in and day out.

Snook are those fish that you just don’t know what they are going to act like when they see that fly 3 feet in front of them. They are very unpredictable when they get to trophy size, but I have a great ability to help clients learn how to feed and fight them. When they decided to eat, its on! but other times it takes some coaxing like a cat and mouse game. They need to chase it down and think that bug may get away from them.

They are beautiful, smart, strong fish and can be found in environments most saltwater trophies are not and that is super shallow in the back of no-mans land. Its a very personal experience to me wading super shallow flats and creek systems to stalk these monsters. I love walking to the ends of the earths where most guides will never fish to find those happy fish that will readily eat a well presented fly.

I have dedicated my life to these snook and yes if there is one fish I could catch for the rest of my life it would be them. I often do love to watch them smash a top water plug or surface fly as they are designed to eat upwards. Let me share a true passion of my and come snook fishing with me to see what its all about be it here in Charlotte Harbor or Everglades National Park.

Snook fishing is good throughout the entire season with the winter months (Dec-Feb) being wade fishing shallow water creeks and flats. The spring and fall you can find these giants in lots of bigger bays and cuts, these are usually poled and can be taken on fly, plug or soft plastic. Summer is time to stalk or pole the beaches and around the bigger passes, this is a time to get a shot a good fish in crystal clear water.