Spring Time, The best time :)

Well Water temperatures are up and so is the fish activity! Everything is happening along with some good shots at early season Tarpon. I have been mainly concentrating on Sight casting Snook along with the occasional Redfish. Snook “season” is open which is unfortunate for our resource, but the fish are sure fired up and aggressive to eat a fly put anywhere in there sight. We have been seeing some big fish on high to Falling Tide with alot of 20-30 inchers in bewteen. It takes a bit of practice to see these “laid up” fish, but once you do its easy to connect with sight casting a fish. There is no greater way to catch a fish in my opinion; to see that fish and deliver a fly to him, you twitch it and see how he reacts and then fool him with some fibers and feathers tied onto a hook. It really is the pinnacle of any anglers career. As always I enjoy throwing some top water plugs at first and last light, magic hour time to check the drags and knots that 40 inch club on artificial is waiting in the back country this time of year. I look forward to fish with you.

trying to stop the killing of snook , check out these guys website;


IMG_3450     snook turtle

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