Poons of June..

Well late June, my favorite time of the year where the beach boys, back country poons and fly rods shine! these fish are all sizes and are actively feeding in backcountry spots and cruising the beaches. this is a great time to throw a fly to a tarpon have been having good hook ups on the beach and in the back country. have also been floating crabs in back country with great hook ups! The snook are still amazing, John caught a nice snook and lost a real trophy and the less than a mile away caught an 80 pound tarpon on a crab underĀ  a cork! great morning and in only 4 hours. Boca Grande is really shining and will only get better and less pressured the next couple months and then its BIG redfish season..big redfish!!


chad snook in mangroveme with 80# poonme with 80# poon181868_601369479527_521560963_npoon fight with cork

Practice casting and Cast often!dave pics 1337


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