Fly Fishing Boca Grande

fly-reel-sideAsk anyone about why they love fly fishing and they will tell you it is some way to connect with nature on a pure level as well as losing yourself on the water.  I agree with that and love poling clients and friends down a mangrove line in our peaceful yet explosive backcountry I call home.  Yet my big lure to it is the hunt, to hunt a fish in his or her own environment when they do not know you are there, that for me is nature being with the fish and fooling them into eating a bare hook that I have attached some feathers and fibers to.

Every Fall I say Redfish are my favorite species to target with a fly rod but every spring tells a different story. Really in my heart Tarpon is king and the king is harder to keep hooked on a rod and reel. Throwing a 9wt for tailing redfish takes practice but a client that can deliver a fly to a cruising tarpon takes dedication. That’s why the Tarpon is king, it’s not easy. Tarpon on the fly is the greateast gift nature can give to us, it’s the biggest game of trickery there is and yet so explosive.  Tarpon cruising in 5 foot of crystal clear water with 10 other friends when you deliver a fly to the lead fish and he breaks off the pack turns on it and smashes it…priceless! The best bite in the game…period

Now fall Spawn for Ocean redfish is also a sight to see. Redfish will come from the ocean to our flats (the only time of year we will see these monster Reds) they will come pushing and busting in 2 foot of water searching for food and looking to spawn. It might be the only time you could get away with throwing a bare hook to a redfish (haha) That is very exciting fishing and those redfish will eat a variety of baits but the real hunt is when the fish are tailing and grubbing into the ground with their tails exposed in the morning light. You stalk these fish with the stealth of the push pole on the flats and can be very exciting and difficult.  A well placed fly next to their head will usually get their attention and then is a visious take! Tailing redfish one of the best sporting activities Ive ever done!

Tarpon2Fly fishing for snook can turn into big payoffs as well with them readily eating baitfish and gurglers flies. These fish can be found in cuts and on edges during moving water. I love to fish for snook and baby tarpon back in mangrove creeks where the close quarters test an angler’s ability to fight a big fish on the fly. Trophy snook are usually caught around the spring and summer and I target them on the outgoing and rising tides.

Fly fishing in Boca Grande area is so diverse and so much fun. I can target Tarpon , Snook, redfish and Trout in the same trip.  Southwest Florida is such a great fishing destination because of the wide range of options. Every season offers a prime target for a certain species. We look forward to showing you how great of a saltwater fly fishing destination Boca Grande is and will continue to be for years to come!

My job is to make an anglers dream come true!



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