Everglades Tarpon Season

These next two months I migrate toward these giants, I am in full on Tarpon mode at this point with still fishing for snook when the opportunities arise. I pick up at Chokoloskee Island and have lodging options available for traveling guest. The Everglades in March and April are worth planning a trip around, I still have a day or two available each month along with good May and June dates to chase these magical fish. Tarpon deserve all the credit, best fish that swims in any water know to man and readily eats flies and plugs with some serious acrobatic maneuvers. I love them when they so peacefully roll and gulp air then once hooked they turn into the most aggressive animal Ive ver seen. We have been getting them good on multiple trips, the fish of a lifetime! Give me a call for Boca Grande fly fishing for tarpon or Everglades fly fishing for tarpon.

Winter time stalking

Stalking big snook and redfish on foot is as good as it gets, you get very close to them and can have some of the closest and best eats you’ve ever seen! The water temperatures are still warm and these fish are already in the deep backcountry looking to eat. Fly fishing in Boca Grande is as good as it gets right now and will continue through February where we stalk these fish in tiny creeks on foot. Not many Boca Grande fly fishing guides fish is this manner and I believe it gives my clients the upper hand and landing a true trophy snook. I will be fishing here until the Tarpon show up in the Everglades in late February/early March so book your trips now to fish with a truly passionate hard working fly fishing guide!

Juvenile Tarpon

Fly fishing the Everglades and Boca Grande for baby tarpon can be a blast and very productive in the cooler months when the big ones are not showing. I love walking the deep creeks for these fish, tarpon, snook, reds you never know what you are going to find! Gurglers and sub surface flies are very productive! Canoes are very productive as well taking it into the backcountry and getting into some real shallow spots some never reach for a true adventure. Im a passionate Boca Grande fly fishing guide and have a relentless passion for putting my anglers on fish. Check out this new video we made in a series of videos!

December in Southwest Florida

December has been unseasonably warm which has these monster snook confused and just seem to be everywhere we look and big boys too! Have had some great moon tides that have turned our water gin clear, with small cold front approaching the water will be highly visible for low water wade fishing or higher tide sight casting from my new Beavertail ‘Mosquito’ skiff.  These skiffs get us anywhere shallow we want to go and such a comfortable ride!

Snook have been eating a lot of high riding sub-surface flies in skinny water, I like brown when the water clears up like this in the backcountry. For me there it dosen’t get much better than feeding a giant snook after you have seen and stalked him on foot and feeding him within 20 feet, it just as good as it gets fly fishing in Boca Grande.

Fly fishing in the Everglades around Chokoloskee has been great and with some longer runs some of these fish haven’t even heard a boat since Irma and are willing to eat anything they see, the big tarpon can be fantastic on a warm winter day along with smaller tarpon daily but the edges have laid up giant snook in The Everglades currently and I love every minute of it!

Hope to see you out soon to share this great sport of ours.




Winter time Southwest Florida Fishing

Fishing has been on fire in Boca Grande and the Everglades! If you are looking for a great overnight trip to a destination fishery, the Glades is the place! Chokoloskee and Everglades City are back and operational after hurricane Irma; both have affordable accommodations available, and The Island Cafe is open for business once again- which means its time to fish!

Snook fishing has been great the past week out of Chokoloskee. Blind casting edges and sight casting laid up snook in brackish water has been highly productive. It is a true adventure each day and a monster snook on the fly should be on every angler’s bucket list. Last trip we held onto one of the biggest snook that I’ve ever seen eat a fly, until he broke us off into the trees to fade away into the Everglades maze of mangroves. The large snook are moving from the outside into the back bays and now is the time to get after it. December is the best month for monster snook and we are also catching smaller tarpon. I still have December dates available for stalking snook (like the one shown in the video) around Boca Grande area as well as single and multi-day trips in Chokoloskee (2 hour commute from Boca Grande). I am running state of the art Beavertail ‘Mosquito’ skiffs that can make longs runs in shallow water for a comfortable ride.

Late February into June I will be chasing larger resident and migratory tarpon that can be caught on fly as well as plug gear. It is the season I think about all year, with some of the best fishing in the world taking place, when it’s on. I have a few April dates still available as well March. 

Let me know if you plan to be in southwest Florida or if you want to plan an Everglades trip and we can talk about some tides and accommodations. I also have a larger bay boat available for getting the family in on the action.

Please take the time to fill out my google reviews if we have fished together in the past. See you soon!


Chokoloskee Fishing

I have been guiding Chokoloskee area in the Everglades with Fly and Plug for the winter and spring months, fishing has been on fire. Lots of big snook on the outside and inside flowing bays. The smaller tarpon bite has been consistent and have been hooking up with the adults on warmer days really well. Everglades City and Chokoloskee saw some major effects from the hurricane but the fishery as good as it gets right now. With bigger tides in the backcountry these fish are moving around pretty well and the bait is everywhere.  The Everglades is a 2 hour drive from Boca Grande and well worth it, some of the most unbelievable plug and fly fishing with the right conditions. I am able to set up 2 boat trips with 2 anglers per boat as well as accommodations in Everglades City. If you have never fished snook, redfish or tarpon in this area it is an amazing adventure every time with a vast wilderness and stable fishery.

Contact me with any questions about the park or times to go!


Tides are starting pull here in southwest florida, fly fishing Boca Grande is pretty good daily, the water is starting to clear and fish are very active. Still tuff to see in some areas but blind casting some edges are producing good numbers of snook on surface flies along with some real quality singles. Juvenile tarpon fishing remains a good plan b on slack water but you cant beat a good snook in the branches for me on moving water. Lots of bait around some we are throwing top-water plugs in the low light and smaller light color baitfish patterns when the sun gets up.

Temperatures in southwest Florida are becoming more comfortable and we are seeing the water temps cool a bit. Tailing redfish are slow but will get better in the coming weeks and months. Looking forward to seeing some freak-shows on the flats with reds any day now. Come book a fly fishing trip in Boca Grande or The Everglades this fall and winter, it will not disappoint!

Fly fishing Boca Grande

Bad Ass Glass for the Fall

Fishing is on fire right now! Lots of great fishing being caught in Boca Grande and Everglades areas by our clients. Such a great time of year when the morning temperatures help cool the water.
The Pelagic blitz’s are happening on outgoing tides nearshore down the Gulf Coast with Bonito, Jack Crevlle and Mackerel! These fish smash anything that is 2-3 inches and white, the mackresl you will need a bite tippet or a long shanked hook. They will also eat a variety of fast moving twitch baits. The retrieve is the most important with two hand stripping of the fly works best and to keep it moving till it’s a goner!
Snook of all sizes have moved back into some of our favorite back country areas and a white colored fly stripped close to the edges usually does the trick. Top water plugs early and late in the day on strong tides will produce some trophies on big points and bars.
Redfish have began to school in Boca Grande and south! These fish come off the ocean looking for food and to spawn. Low in coming water is what I like to look for schools at. Once they are spotted I will pole to them and sometimes even stalk them on foot when needed. You can catch several fish from the school as well as doubles!
We just started carrying some new fiberglass rods to test out and love fighting all these fish on them, it presents itself with the challenge to fight them on a totally flexed rod with the butt of the rod. Echos Bad Ass Glass is what we are carrying on the boat and so much fun to cast and use. Here is a link to the new rods, a great price point and always fun to try something new!
Here’s a link;

Red October

Fishing Report October 1st
Red October is the name of the game this month! Fly fishing in Boca Grande in October for Redfish is as good as it gets. I love when the larger groups of Reds break up to tail on the low-in coming tides, it is stalking fish at its finest. A stealthy presentation is key, be it from the skiff or on foot that fly needs to land in the right spot not to spook them when their heads are buried in the grass and mud. After locating the fish fly line is the most constant variable when it comes to feeding a fish or not. Be it poor presentation, tangles or knots in the line, the best way to avoid this is constant cleaning after each use and not ‘stretching’ the line too much on smaller weight lines I have found. Talking about fly lines, we as guides are on the eternal search for the perfect line and they are producing some really great ones these days. Personally I think the RIO line is pretty consistent along with Scientific Anglers lines. There is a brand new much anticipated ‘RIO Flats Pro’ on the market, this is RIO’s first full float ‘clear tip’ as well as a stiffer core that helps with hook-sets, I’m very excited about this product as it is available in weights 6-12.  Here is good article from ‘Gink and Gasoline’ about the line if you would like to learn more about it.
The Everglades will continue to produce big fall snook as well as the southern migration of some larger Tarpon from Chokoloskee to Flamingo. I like throwing big top water plugs to these fish as well as ripping and stripping some edges when the water is dark. The big snook are still on the outside edges of the bigger bays looking for food before making their east migration to the brackish shallow water of the Glades. It is a great time to explore the Everglades as it can be very explosive with the fall bait being pushed back near shore!


Fishing Report 9/24/2017

South Florida is moving forward with the Irma cleanup and this is a great time to take a guided fishing trip to support the local economy.  The Everglades park entrance remains closed with hopes of opening this next week, with The Everglades still being accessed  by much of the Keys at this point.
Boca Grande area remains with some tannic water but the fishing is heating up with plugs and top water flies early and late in the days. We are looking forward to amazing fall fishing in Charlotte Harbour along with 10k islands and The Everglades. When one of these big storms wash through estuaries like these it is a re-set and the fish will remain hungry and aggressive throughout the fall season in all areas effected, it’s going to be amazing fishing the next 3-4 months!
We have been throwing top water plugs for search baits to find areas where these large snook and redfish have pushed into, now that we have seen some great fishing in our backcountry areas we can work the edges with blind-casting white baitfish patterns along with poppers and gurglers’. When you find the smaller tarpon this time of year you can depend on them using those same edges and creeks for the next month or so until the water temperatures begins to fall. Tailing redfish on the low – incoming water will become more consistent as the fall moves in and the temperatures start to cool. The bait-balls has moved in from offshore and will be getting ‘blitzed’ in the coming weeks with Spanish mackerel, Bonito, And Jack Crevelle.
Again now is time to support the local economy’s  that were effected by Irma and booking a Florida fly fishing guide is a great way to do so!