Boca Grande Fly Fishing guide

I have been guiding a lot out of Marco Island area and snook fishing has been great with super clean water around Goodland area. Have been many good sized fish laid up along the banks to sight cast with lots of little guys mixed in there. The giants have been around as well laying on some deeper banks and visibility has been great! The tarpon have been on and off but will turn on for the season any day now. It is a great time of year if you are looking to fish for tarpon on the fly to book you Marco Island fly fishing guide. I will be guiding out of ten-thousand islands and the Everglades for most of the season but it is a short drive to the start of the park. Im looking forward to some stable weather patterns for the next few weeks so lets get out there on an adventure!
There is no place like the Everglades~

Warmer Waters

Warm waters are ahead! Working through our last cold front in Naples hopefully. The Everglades have been great fishing for snook, redfish and baby tarpon but I am ready for some fired up warm water fish! Everglades fly fishing will remain stable throughout but the months ahead spell big snook and bigger tarpon on fly and plug gear. As the water temperature rise the bait comes back and the fish get fired up! If you are planning a fly fishing trip to Naples there are endless opportunities down the coast of ten-thousand islands and the Everglades. Spring and summer are my favorite times as the tourist head north and west we have the fishery to ourselves! With higher water temperatures these fish will get in some deeper pockets and I am able to run the larger tarpon skiff. Drop me a line if you have any questions about the areas fishing season or weather patterns. There is no place like the Everglades-