Tarpon fishing guide

When looking for an Boca Grande  fly fishing guide  passion is everything! I am lucky enough to have found one of the greatest sports on planet earth; fly fishing in saltwater. It is one of the most explosive, rewarding and passionate things I have ever done in my life and I love to share these experiences with our clients. Tarpon on the fly get all the glory and rightfully so; I grew up crazy about white tail deer hunting and can only compare it to such an experience. Much like a deer, you wait for long periods of time for tarpon to appear but there is no trigger to be pulled to end this game of cat and mouse– its big game hunting and I’m totally consumed! Its time to coax this 30-50 year old swimming dinosaur that weighs upwards of 150 pounds to eat a little tiny fly usually smaller than a trout streamer. That is were the magic is for me: we can communicate with that animal through the materials we have tied onto a bare hook and watch how he reacts to it. With a perfect cast and with a little twitch, wiggle, and luck, he swims over to it and nonchalantly opens and closes his mouth and moves on. Then all hell breaks loose and he usually has the standing line from the deck of the skiff onto the reel and halfway to Mexico before you ever knew what happened. It’s simply amazing and I’m lucky enough to get to guide clients in some of the greatest Tarpon fisheries on the planet.

Winter time Snookin


The winter time is in full swing with super clear and shallow water. The sight-casting for snook and small tarpon has been very steady-some really good snook this past week. Fly fishing in the Everglades this time of year has some of the cleanest water of the year and the shallow water makes them easy to spot in their winter time hiding spots! I just love this time of year- Usually waiting until 8 or 9am to let the fish warm up a bit and by mid-day the tide is moving and they are fired up to eat any fly or plug swimming around them. Unlike the warmer months these fish are tucked back in some very hidden areas and it is an adventure in itself just getting back in the jungle of the everglades. Im looking at the weather and looks like we have one more cold-front and then will switch gears to some bigger water towards the gulf of mexico. If you are looking for a Everglades fly fishing guide this is the time to book for the spring months as I still have some good May/June dates available.

There is only one Everglades!

Everglades Winter Fly Fishing


Its been on fire fly fishing the Everglades the past week, I fished everyday and was very dependable with the warmer temps. Snook were very good and some big ones too on twitch baits and fly! Small Tarpon were fired up and when the water temperatures rose we got some big resident tarpon as well on the fly. I have been in the Everglades most days but fly fishing in Naples area has been great as well from what I hear. I am running an East Cape Caimen for my winter time backcountry trips which is able to access some very shallow water and sight cast for laid up snook of all sizes as well as baby tarpon in some deeper pockets while still be a comfortable ride for my clients. My tarpon season is filling up so please let me know if you are looking to book an Everglades fly fishing guide and we can discuss some possibilities. Thanks! -There is no place like the Everglades


Warm Winters

Fishing has been on fire lately with the warm late December water temperatures in the Everglades.
Both the ten-thousand islands and Naples have been loaded with big snook and tarpon. The water is clean and sight casting is great along with early morning and late afternoon tarpon fishing. I expect more cold fronts to come in but it seems like all the snook have found their winter homes and will stay put for the season. Just around the corner is tarpon season I still have some good dates available in March, and April. Plug fishing is great right now in the backcountry for covering stained water deep in the Everglades.
If you are looking for an Everglades Fly fishing guide and I am booked I can always refer you to one of the quality guides I work with or try and schedule dates around good tides