First Cold Front

Most boca grande fly fishing guides dred the cold weather, high winds, and negative tides, I welcome it. Through the years I have loved the challenge and figured out how to catch fish in the worst conditions. The answer is walking, when you walk you see a lot more, a lot more wildlife, a lot more fish! I do not do much push poling during the winter as it is usually very clear and shallow water which makes the fish sensitive.

If that sounds gun please call because the fishing has been on fire and will continue steady now thru march. Book you Tarpon Fly Fishing Guide now to get a good tide.


Winter Time Lows

We have been having some great low tides and high north winds to keep the tide low and the water clear. I have been in  my normal wintertime routine of wade fishing with 1 or 2 anglers. This has been so productive and fun with the redfish, a lot of good size fish with some great eats. We are generally using tan or brown baitfish patterns. Snook has been good with the warmer weather and great blind casting over the grass flat for big trout! Come fly fishing with Boca Grande guide!