Clean water Cool Temperatures

November is upon us and with the fall comes cooler water temperatures and beautiful sunny days. The water is getting cleaned up for some incredible sight casting in November! This is the time of year to fool a big snook on his way back to the rivers and creeks for his wintertime resting spot. I always feel like these big snook are similar to bears and are going to eat as much as they can on their way to the winter time resting spots. Redfish are in good numbers and we can find them tailing on low to incoming waters or on the edges of high tide. Quality trout are on the grass flats and can be fooled with a clouser minnow. We are now outfitted with Bote paddle boards and are offering paddle board fishing trips for any experience SUP’er! This is the way to fish the wintertime flats, stealth and raised above the water gives you a big advantage over the classic poling skiff. We are outfitted with custom east cape paddle board racks for our Vantage skiffs and will be happy to take you on the paddle board adventure of a lifetime!
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Project Snook


Last week we had the privilege of visiting Mote Marine’s Project Snook. What an amazing place doing all kinds of great conservation and restoration efforts in the Sarasota area. From releasing Snook into Sarasota Bay to learning about redfish spawning and Pompano habitat, they really have it all there. They have really hit some big milestones in the last couple years with how to vastly improve the survival rate of these snook. I believe this really should be on every guide and anglers agenda to get this project started here in Charlotte Harbor! I got a chance to talk and learn from Dr. Carlos Yanes-Roca; he walked me through the property and explained the value in replenishing fish populations along with the mangrove restoration they are growing for the area.

A totally self-sufficient farm that relies on donations, they have just began a smaller similar project in Costa Rica and Mexico for Black Snook, not available in Florida. We are fortunate to have the Mote Marine satellite office here at Rail Road Plaza in Boca Grande,  so stop in and chat with them! This is really a ground breaking project that they have been doing for many years in fresh water environments now the great people at Mote have done this task in Sarasota in hopes it will catch on to other areas. I think people feel the ocean is an endless supply of fish but with more fishing pressure and more people taking inshore fish species,  I hope it is time for a change. Mote Marine’s Project Snook is not open to public, if you are interested in the project and would like to try and set up an appointment to see the program please email us and we could try and facilitate that. Here are some pictures from our trip!


Fall Season












A new season is upon us in the Boca Grande area! We are looking forward to some great Fall fly fishing with you at Boca Grande Outfitters. The waters are not crowded this time of  year, and its a great opportunity to get out and do some fishing. The cooling temperatures have all the bait in the bay and near shore on the beaches. A lot of nice size snook are being caught on the fly, while blind casting the edges on moving water. If you’re on the flats looking for Redfish, they are still schooled up there, and you’ll also see single tailing fish on lower tides. Large schools of Jack Crevelle along with Albacore are starting to become productive. Still some late season tarpon around on the right tides as well. The temperatures are cool in the mornings, and it makes for a pleasant trip with plenty of bites on the fly.
We will be doing some exciting new stuff here at the outfitters with our fishing and conservation programs this season so please follow us on Instagram @bocagrandeoutfitters for the latest photos of our area and fly fishing gear. Stop into the outfitters to see our latest selection of fly fishing rods and reels, or to book a Boca Grande fishing guide!
Here is a link to our local guide service webpage, and our friends down in the Everglades at Blue Moon Expeditions.
We look forward to a great fishing season with you.

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