Christmas Catching!

Its been a great week here in Boca Grande. Warmer weather makes these fish really eat! Great Redfish and Trout drifting the flat with live shrimp for the kids and any inexperienced new comers! For my fly fisherman, wading for some serious snook action at the ends of the earth with a fly-rod has been the hot ticket. The fact that I am keeping  so busy in both the fly and live bait arenas keeps me in tune with the fish. Its a great time of year to get down to Boca and January will produce much of the same action. My last 2 afternoons have produced over 50 fish a piece- all tout ranging in the 15-25 inch range with dozen of redfish and other species mixed in! look forward to seeing you!

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Let em go to watch em grow!

Gathered in the way back!

Great time of year to find fish with a fly rod or small lures! Alot of these fish retreat to the deep back country holes and creeks this time of the year, mostly due to water temperature. These fish will be bunched up and feeding on either sides of these “holes” depending on the tide direction. Its not unlikely to catch 20-30 small to medium snook on the fly in these spots! also tailing reds on the open flats have been good when not pressured by boat traffic, these fish are a lot of fun. As always we like to get out of the boat and walk after these happy fish on foot when the temperature is nice! We even hooked a 100+ lb Tarpon last week on very light tackle while fishing for trout on a drop off edge!!! these trout can be a lot of fun on twitch baits along with clouser minnows, you can expect to catch some good numbers this time of year!

Look forward to some great fishing after the new year!



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Let em go, watch em grow!

Winter Time Walking

The temperatures have changed and the fish have, for the most part, moved to their winter time hide-outs. Winter used to be a relativity slow time and not as exciting as the spring, fall and summer. That is not true now a days; it is time for the real adventure here in Charlotte Harbor! Its time to get out of the boat and walk the earth, roam the flats, hunt the creeks! Wade fishing in shallow water with a fly rod has become my love and passion, which is nearly as exciting to me as feeding a Tarpon a tiny fly. So much water in our fishery is nearly untouched; these creeks get very low in the winter time and would be worthless for polling a boat, as it would spook everything around.  Stalking the flats and creeks by foot is one of the purest forms of fishing that I have ever encountered. It still amazes me how close you can get to these fish that would have otherwise vanished. It is a great way to learn to cast and feed fish at your own pace, free and clear of boat obstructions. This is the future of my back country fishing, while everyone is fighting over the same fish on our more popular flats, we’ll be wading and casting flies to happy fish!  Call me direct or come down to Boca Grande Outfitters to book a trip and try this wonderful way of catching redfish and snook on the fly!




10245429_775433498837_2774780506540482090_n                       sunrise snook