Big Tarpon, Huge Redfish!!

Tarpon Fishing is on fire right now!!!… If you know where to look.  Tarpon come to Boca Grande to spawn starting in April in May by the thousands! The first big Moon in June they go offshore to spawn. The Annual “Migration” everyone knows is May and June and then Poof all the boats and “tarpon guides” are long gone. July August and September is when I catch the larger percentage of Tarpon here in Boca Grande and they are in a lot of different situations. In July, August and September these fish are staged up in Boca Grande and actively feeding on Crabs and Baitfish. This is the time when you do not see the traditional tarpon roll but instead see them smashing crabs and bait on the surface. This is a great time of year because usually it is just one or two boats fishing for them so they are unpressured and doing what they would naturally do instead of being harassed by hundreds of guides and recreational fisherman alike.  We are on the full moon in august and will be catching up to 6 or 8 tarpon a trip along with the new moon in august as well as morning time tides for the single and double hookups!! It is a great time of year to fish for the silver king the way they were supposed to be fished for!  Also the Redfish and snook are great and the schooling Redfish is about to be epic!
Please call for dates and tides still available through September!
Hope to see you in Paradise!
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My Favorite Month!

Some of my all time epic months have been in August. All the boat traffic has gone away till the fall and the fish are on the feed! It is a great time of year for the Boca Grande Slam on a split day trip. Good numbers of Adult Tarpon still being taken in the am and in the afternoon falling tides. Snook are still strong around pass and down the mangrove shorelines. And the exciting reason for August….REDFISH spawn, big ocean roaming redfish are coming on the flats in schools of 50-100. These fish are big, hungry and easy to catch when found, some peoples biggest redfish of their life’s will be taken the next 2 months! The baby Tarpon have been alot of fun in the creeks on the fly as well.

Hope to see you in Paradise!

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